Tips for Maintaing your Knives when using a Dish Washer October 29 2014

The descriptions “rust-free”, “stainless”, or “inox” are only somewhat accurate. Knife blades can be damaged by not being cleaned properly and can also corrode. The action of washing knives in machines is considerably more aggressive than cleaning by hand, particularly since knives are no longer wiped dry properly! Very powerful washing detergents, knives being left in the dishwasher for hours, the long term effect of chemicals at high temperatures etc… are just a few of the causes which can lead to staining or even corroding knife blades. However, if you follow the recommendations below your knives will not suffer any damage in the dishwasher:

  • Before placing knives in the machine briefly wash off the food remains on the blade of the knife under running water to avoid giving the salt and acid-containing residues time to act. This is very important if the machine is not started up immediately.
  • Always place the knife with the blades facing upwards, in other words with the handles facing downwards so the knives can be washed more effectively allowing for better drainage of the rinsing water.
  • Add powder and decalcifying agent in accordance with the instructions, use only brand label products. Particular attention must be paid to the professional maintenance and servicing of the machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Remove the knives from the machine immediately after the dishwasher cycle has ended and wipe where possible. Check knife blades and immediately remove any water residues left behind, where necessary treat with a good metal cleaning agent. Never leave damp knives in a closed machine.