Caring for your Glassware December 24 2014

Mechanical Impact 

Avoid contact with other objects such as beer taps, glasses or cutlery as this may result in breakages, chips, cracks and virtually invisible abrasions. These weaken the glass making them easier to break due to impact or thermal shock. 

Thermal Shock 

Glass retains temperature and any sudden change can cause breakage e.g. putting ice into glass directly from the dishwasher or vice versa 


  • Avoid glass contact with beer taps
  • Always use plastic scoop for ice
  • No cutlery in glasses
  • Never stack glasses
  • No glass contact when collecting
  • Store glasses in partitioned racks
  • Ensure sufficient stock on hand for meet needs
  • Never put cold liquid or ice into warm or hot glass
  • Empty ice from glasses before placing in Dishwasher
  • Remove any broken/chipped/cracked glass from service
  • Dishwasher temperature must reach 77 degrees Celius in accordance with The Pure Food Act NSW