Cast Iron Cookware February 24 2015

Walk into any kind of commercial kitchen and you will see a myriad of stainless steel cookware sitting on the stove or hanging up around the place. Pots and pans need to be built tough to withstand the rigours hospitality industry. But are there any other options besides stainless steel?

Start-Up restaurants and existing ones tend not to have a big budget on splashing out on cooking equipment, so they tend to buy something that lasts.

Cast Iron cookware lasts for a very long time. You only need to buy cast iron cookware once, and it also has awesome heat retention. When cooking vegetables or meats you get a really nice caramelisation on the outside and juicy retention on the inside.

The important aspect around the different properties each metal has, is there heat conductivity. Any experienced Chef will tell you that a good pot or pan should heat across the entire surface evenly.

Take for instance when you heat up a thin regular pan, you will notice when cooking, that some areas of the pan are hotter than others, which leads to inconsistent cooking, or in some cases burnt or uncooked food! This won't happen with a cast iron pan, because when you heat it up the whole thing heats up.

As cast iron cookware can rust easily it is important to season them well and regularly oil them. But besides that you will enjoy cookware that will last a lifetime!