Cusinea Wok 35cm

Cusinea Carbon Steel Wok 35cm

  • Ask chefs that are into Asian cuisine, carbon steel woks are one case where cheaper is better. Cuisena Stir Fry Woks are simply made from a large, pressed piece of carbon steel, with a wooden handle to provide a cool surface to hold. The thin carbon steel cooks food extremely quickly at high temperatures, just like a wok should, and you can do absolutely anything in it, from deep frying tempura to boiling noodle soups.
  • While carbon steel woks are fantastic for high heat cooking and regular use and abuse, they do need care and maintenance to perform at their best. Before you use it for the first time, you Cuisena Stir Fry Wok needs to be seasoned properly. This seasoning removes the protective coating on the carbon steel, and gives the wok new protective coating of oil. The oil coating acts like a natural non-stick surface, and will give you cooking amazing flavour with regular use.
  • Carbon steel is not stainless steel, so do not wash your Cuisena Stir Fry Wok in detergent or use steel wool for regular cleaning. If the surface does rust, scrub it off with steel wool and repeat the seasoning process.
  • Carbon steel woks are very rewarding to own and use. Provided you get the initial seasoning process right and don't strip the oil surface off when cleaning, Cuisena Stir Fry Woks are low maintenance, extremely flexible and very tolerant. The Cuisena woks have flat bases, which can sit securely on flat hotplates.

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